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Culture With Us stands for togetherness through personal connection in an era of remote work. We’ve challenged and redefined what corporate culture means to employees around the world as organizations reimagine their professional relationships for the “work at home” era. Now it’s time to redefine corporate gifting. From client gifts to holiday goodies and outstanding employee recognition, Culture With Us offers a more thoughtful, meaningful way to show appreciation. Give a gift that will resonate with teams, customers, and prospects as companies continue to embrace a hybrid work model.

“We all miss the genuine connections made during in-person with colleagues and clients—the kinds of experiences that make for lasting, productive relationships. Culture With Us was created with that need at the forefront, and I couldn’t be more excited to offer professional teams the chance to connect and grow on that level. There’s really no better way to enjoy the fun side of professional collaboration
in an era of remote and hybrid work.”

— Alex Schrecengost, CEO & Founder, Virtual With Us

Altrosero Culture - The Concierge

Altrosero Culture is our concierge corporate subscription club for custom gifts, bespoke experiences, and access to a diverse range of luxury wines—including our own Altrosero, developed by Culture With Us founder and fine wine and spirits professional, Alex Schrecengost. Named for Alex’s husband and twin boys, Altrosero is a branded line of premium artisanal products specially selected to take the guesswork and logistical issues out of maintaining and growing your most important business relationships.

Choosing unique, meaningful gifts for valued professional contacts helps a team gather together and feel appreciated. Spotlighting and celebrating individual company cultures is our mission, and we’re proud to support organizations’ personal outreach to employees, clients, prospectives, and VIPs.

Sign up for the Altrosero Culture Subscription today. There’s a short grace period of one to two months, then we’ll welcome you into a full membership of exclusive perks (because everyone loves an exciting unboxing!)

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Prices exclude tax and shipping, and orders are processed on the 15th of the month.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • 2 cases of wine annually, between $30-$45/bottle
  • Italian cooking box with olive oils, small-batch honey, and artisanal cheeses
  • Handmade chocolates in a decorative box
  • Exclusive access to bespoke, curated gifts
  • Special Club offers
Monthly Pricing Available!
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 3 cases of wine annually, between $40-$55/bottle
  • Premium wine stoppers
  • Italian cooking box with olive oils, small-batch honey, artisanal cheeses, tomato passata, fine charcuterie
  • Handmade chocolates in a decorative box
  • Exclusive access to bespoke, curated gifts


Culture With Us is here to support your professional organization in the hybrid office revolution by educating employees on the emerging culture of hybrid offices (made up of permanent remote and in-person workers). We help businesses retain the unique identities they developed over years of in-office and after-hours employee interactions, and embrace a people-forward mindset of inclusivity, individuality, and freedom to embrace this new model.

Please contact our concierge for custom and/or global orders